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Posted by Gary Welland on 06/08/2019

Gatwick Overnighter

Get your summer of events going with a night of ATC at the UK's second busiest airport! With arrivals continuing until the early hours and with the first departure at 5 am, it's an operation which can be fun to simulate!

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
GKC8523Gary WellandELLXLIMLA300B4-200C00.56.26-542 ft/m Accepted
GKR1018Gary WellandEGKKEIDWA300B4-20001.11.59-339 ft/m Accepted
GKR1089Gary WellandEGKKEGJBEMBRAER01.05.25-388 ft/m Accepted
GKR996Gary WellandLFBOEGLLA380-80001.29.20-158 ft/m Accepted
GKR1074Gary WellandEGKKENTCA319-111 EUR03.08.28-393 ft/m Accepted
GKR1086Gary WellandEGSSEGJBB737-70000.54.16-460 ft/m Accepted
GKR1079Gary WellandEGLLLFPGB737-70001.21.08-401 ft/m Accepted
GKA6002Gary WellandNZWNNZAAA319-111 ANZ01.09.29-256 ft/m Accepted
GKA6001Gary WellandNZCHNZWNA319-111 ANZ01.07.41-628 ft/m Accepted
GKA6000Gary WellandNZDNNZCHA319-111 ANZ00.42.25-422 ft/m Accepted

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GKR0001 Gary Welland has filed a PIREP from ELLX to LIML

GKR0001 Gary Welland has filed a PIREP from EGKK to EIDW

GKR0001 Gary Welland has filed a PIREP from EGKK to EGJB

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